Phase Three launched on 10/13. This resources list will be updated regularly (last update: 10/21). 

Goals of Phase Three:  The purpose of this phase is to protect the vote! You’ll likely run into two types of people: 1) those who already voted  and 2) those who have not voted. 

For those who have voted (absentee): Help them track their ballot online to ensure it’s been received by the County Board of Elections.

For those who have voted (in-person): Inquire about their experiences at the polling station. How long was the line?  What time and where did they go?  Did they run into any issues? 

For the group that has not voted:  We are getting close to election day! Completed absentee ballots should be mailed ASAP to avoid delays. In-person voters have the option to go to an early voting location, or vote on Election Day (November 3rd). See a list of early voting sites here. 

Since these are people that you’ve talked to already, this conversation should be easy. You can use the information from past conversations stored in your Empower account to guide your conversation.

Absentee Ballot Resources

Phase Three Phone Call Resources

Phone Canvassing Support Sessions

This Zoom call will equip  and inspire you as you make your last round of calls! We’ll provide some new statistics about Early Voting and Absentee Ballots in North Carolina as well as orient you to Phase 3 goals. 

Tuesday, October 27, 7:00 - 8:00 PM
Register via the Zoom Link Below:


Phase Two launched on 8/27. This resources list will be updated regularly (last update: 8/26). 

Goals of Phase Two: phase two involves making a second round of calls—reaching out again to those whom you have been in contact with—and doing three things: 

1) First, ask if they will commit to attend the October 13 Assembly. Help connect the assembly to their concerns and self-interest.
2) Second, if the contact indicated they want to vote absentee, assist them in requesting an absentee ballot. 
3) Third, if the contact committed to calling (5) others in their social network, verify that they have made their calls and provide assistance as needed.

Absentee Ballot Resources

Voting by Mail Video

Voting by Mail Primer 

Powerpoint from the Voting by Mail Video

Questions and Answers from 8.20 Democracy NC Presentation

Phase Two Phone Call Resources

Phase Two Call Script

Example Video of a Phase Two Call



Goals of Phase One: 

1) Form Core Team of 10-15 Leaders to Lead on Calls Within Your Institution;
2) Get Team Members on the Empower App Using Your Institutions Unique Link (see below)
3) Each Team Member Calls 10-15 Members of Your Institution (see call script below)


Training Power Point Slides (from July 23 leaders meeting) 

Useful Handouts

Relational Voter Registration Call Script 

Voter Registration Process

Who are You Going to Call? Making Your List Worksheet 

ONE Wake Overview

How to Download Empower

See instructions here (last updated: August 10)