Eviction Prevention Update

In early May ONE Wake leaders delivered 753 public comments and over 180 members to a Zoom press conference in support of allocating federal CARES Act funds to support eviction prevention in our communities. Ultimately, $17 million in federal funds were allocated for eviction prevention in Wake County through the House Wake! Eviction Prevention Program which launched in late September. 

The House Wake! Eviction Prevention Program intervention process consists of:

  1. Eviction Prevention, through a partnership with Telamon Corporation, which aims to provide financial assistance to tenants and landlords to cover rent shortfalls resulting from a loss of income.
  2. Eviction Mediation Services, which provide pro-bono legal support through a partnership with Legal Aid of North Carolina for tenants who need legal counsel to discuss tenant rights, guidance for the CDC eviction moratorium affidavits, mediation services and more; and
  3. Relocation Assistance, which will assist with relocating residents whose housing could not be stabilized through interventions 1 or 2.

The program will run through the end of the 2020 calendar year or until dedicated funding is depleted. This program has been widely advertised in local print media, TV, and radio.

You can download more information about the program below: 

House Wake Overview (Tenants)

House Wake Overview (Landlords)

House Wake Flyer (English)

House Wake Flyer (Spanish)