During the last 48 hours conditions in our region have been changed dramatically by the COVID-19 virus. ONE Wake is proposing the following initial actions to ensure that we can continue organizing our power while also protecting those who are most vulnerable to infection. 

1) Hold all Group Meetings via Conference Call

For the next four weeks (and we will reassess along the way), ONE Wake will hold all small and large group meetings via Zoom or conference call instead of face to face. One on one meetings will be held only when we can comply with the recommendations of medical professionals about physical distance, staying away when sick, etc.

Meetings impacted by this change include: 

  • Monday, March 16 Affordable Housing Team Meeting (7:00 PM);
  • Wednesday, March 18 Education Team Meeting (7:00 PM);
  • Thursday, March 19 Clergy Team (Institutional Leaders) Meeting (10:00 AM);
  • Thursday, March 26 Internal Assembly (7:30 PM). 

2) Create Communications Team

The current need for social distancing is an opportunity to use technology in a relational and powerful manner through tapping into online training, face to face video conferences, Facetime, Facebook live, relational phone banking, and conference calls. To this end, ONE Wake is organizing a new Communications Team to help harness the creativity and skills of our leaders and members in this arena.  

Please sign up via the link below if you are interested in participating in this new team and exploring how best to use technology within ONE Wake.


3) Continue to Save the Dates for the April 30 Internal Assembly and our May 31 Founding Assembly. 

How we proceed this spring will be determined by the current state of the COVID-19 virus in our area and the most up to date recommendations of public health professionals. For now, please continue to hold these important dates on your calendar. 

Questions? Please contact us at [email protected]