ONE Wake is an organization composed of 43 member institutions, representing 50,000+ Raleigh and Wake County residents. For the last month, ONE Wake has been negotiating with John Kane to secure binding commitments on community benefits in exchange for our public investment in rezoning the property. 

Our primary focus has been on stormwater protections, affordable housing, and jobs. 

  1. STORMWATER: Mr. Kane has signed an agreement with one of our community allies, Partners for Environmental Justice. He has also submitted an identical zoning conditio. We believe this offer will address community concerns around flooding.

  2. AFFORDABLE HOUSING: Mr. Kane has recently submitted an offer on affordable housing through a zoning condition which we find very low for the unprecedented size and value of the rezoning. 

  3. JOBS: Despite the recent Raleigh Raised Development announcement, Mr. Kane has not made any public, binding commitments on living wage jobs or investment in Minority and Women-Owned Businesses.

Before the Raleigh City Council approves Kane Realty’s rezoning application for Downtown South, ONE Wake expects the following to be executed through a third party contract between Kane Realty and ONE Wake, as well as through amended / additional voluntary zoning conditions.

Full ONE Wake counteroffer on affordable housing, jobs, and investment in Women and Minority owned Businesses.