On Monday, May 4 ONE Wake organized and delivered 753 public comments to the Wake County Commissioners in support of two proposals to use federal funds for housing assistance in Wake County! 

The Wake County Commissioners unanimously approved the first proposal, the House Wake Strategic Plan, which will allocate over $2 million towards a seven point plan primarily focused on supporting residents experiencing homelessness. 

The most immediate impacts of this funding: 

  • Over 130 families experiencing homeless will have the cost of their hotel stays covered;

  • Oak City Cares will receive funding to provide access to outdoor FEMA showers, washers, and dryers for unsheltered residents to tend to their personal hygiene needs;

  • The opportunity for services providers to submit letters of interest for funding of additional programs through this plan. 

The second proposal for the allocation of $5 million for a rental housing assistance fund to help Wake County tenants pay their May rent and utility bills has been deferred to the Commissioner's May 18 meeting. At that same meeting, Commissioners could potentially appropriate a significant amount of the Coronavirus Relief Funds available to Wake County (up to $193 million). 

Through our robust showing of 753 public comments, ONE Wake has publicly demonstrated our power, helped win $2 million in funds that will support residents most impacted by this crisis, and positioned our organization to push for the creation of a substantial rental housing assistance fund. 

We will broadcast more information soon about how ONE Wake can continue to act to support much needed rental housing assistance in our county. In the meantime, congratulations to every leader who played a part in delivering this incredible number of public comments!