Here’s how you can support ONE Wake’s FIRST public action: 

  1. Read the sample letter below;

  2. Go to and find the online public comment link. (It’s not live yet and won’t be until Monday morning between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm);

  3. Copy and paste the letter into the public comment form, filling in your own personal information;

  4. Recruit at least 10 members from your congregation and/or community to join you in taking this action. 

Public Comment Letter 

My name is ___[Your Name]___, and I attend  ___[Your Institution]___, which is a participating member of ONE Wake. 

I am writing in support of the following initiatives:

1) The House Wake Strategic Plan;

2) The allocation of $5 million to Wake Prevent! as a starting point to help tenants with their May rent and utility bills (as recently proposed by the Triangle Apartment Association, ONE Wake, and other partners).

It is our understanding that there are federal stimulus funds available for such programming, which we urge you to utilize to support the residents who have been most impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

ONE Wake is a newly formed, broad-based power organization in Wake County currently composed of 36 dues paying member institutions (religious congregations, non-profits, and civic organizations) across the county. Combined, our member institutions represent close to 50,000 households in Wake County. 

Over the last year, ONE Wake has engaged over 3,500 Wake County residents in face to face conversations. We were able to efficiently hear the needs of large numbers of Wake County’s diverse populations which is essential in this current, fluid situation.

Thank you for your consideration. ONE Wake leaders will contact you shortly to schedule an introductory conversation.