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Downtown South Update
Vote Tripling with ONE Wake on Election Day

ONE Wake in the News

CBS 17 (10/28): Advocates Speak Out on Potential Effects of Downtown South on Nearby Residents

Downtown South Update

The City of Raleigh Planning Commission has completed two of three planned hearings on the rezoning application for Kane Realty's Downtown South Project. The final scheduled hearing is on Thursday, November 5.

The Planning Commission has until January 11 to send a report and recommendation to City Council, although it is widely thought that this will happen before the end of the year. Once received, the Council will hold a public hearing on the rezoning application, after which the Council could approve, approve with conditions, or deny. It is important to note that the Council is not required to follow the recommendations of the Planning Commission. 

To date, ONE Wake members and community partners have delivered 367 emails to the Planning Commission over the last two weeks, expressing our concerns with the proposed development, which include the strong potential for increased flooding of downstream neighborhoods like Rochester Heights, and gentrification in the adjacent, historically Black neighborhoods and other underserved communities. 

If you sent in an email over the last two weeks: thank you! The Planning Commission has reacted by requiring an additional hearing, pressing for a downstream analysis, and pushing for further detail about the scope and impact of the development. 

Next Wednesday at 7:00 pm ONE Wake clergy leaders will address the Raleigh City Council regarding our hopes and concerns for the development. You can tune in here to the City of Raleigh livestream on YouTube:

As a reminder you can sign up for more Downtown South information and action alerts on the ONE Wake website here. 

Vote Tripling on Election Day

ONE Wake is in the final days of our Relational Voter Turnout campaign. So far our campaign has engaged close to 12,000 potential voters in our communities - a major accomplishment! 

Together as ONE Wake we have contributed to record breaking levels of voter registration and turnout in Wake County. Voter registration in Wake County has increased by over 300,000 registrants this year as compared to 2016, and turnout is close to double (184%) of turnout at this point in the 2016 election. 

Will you join us for one final push? ONE Wake is providing an easy way for all interested leaders to participate in non-partisan vote tripling on election day, which involves:

  • Standing outside of an assigned polling location;
  • Ask voters to text 3 friends to remind them to vote;
  • Giving voters a sticker as they exit.
This form of canvassing has been proven safe and effective. Click this link to sign up and learn more information. When you sign up indicate that your partner organization is ONE Wake so that you will be paired with other ONE Wake volunteers at a polling station nearby.

Questions about vote tripling? Email Katrina at [email protected]


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