Anisa Khalifa from the Islamic Association of Raleigh speaks about the shared values that support our 10,000 STRONG power strategy. From ONE Wake's Annual Meeting on 6/10/21.

Our Shared Values

We come from many different backgrounds but share common values. We believe that every child deserves to have a safe place to rest their head at night, and that every family deserves the security of being rooted in a home and community.

But today, our families are competing for space with giant developers and corporations who have much more power than we do. Their actions send a message to communities that have long felt the brunt of segregation and institutional racism that the land under our homes is worth more than the lives on top of it.* 

Now, if you live paycheck to paycheck, it’s becoming nearly impossible to afford a place to live and raise a family. Skyrocketing rents, property taxes, and predatory house flippers are forcing long time residents out of their neighborhoods and communities.

By joining together, we can build homes that people can actually afford, create real pathways to better jobs, and ensure that we all benefit from Wake County’s dramatic economic transformation.