This fall ONE Wake will engage 3,800 infrequent voters in low voting precincts across Wake County that have been most impacted by increases in housing cost. Our goal is to increase voter turnout in these precincts by at least 5%.

This non-partisan relational GOTV campaign is part of ONE Wake's strategy to leverage the local elections to win commitments from candidates for Raleigh City Council and US Senate to support our grassroots issue agenda: including our campaign to prevent the displacement of long time, low income homeowners in gentrifying neighborhoods.   

Our goal is to build real, recriprocal relationships, and to invite infrequent voters to consider changing their minds regarding participation in mid-terms and local races. 

Our strategy is to follow the principles of deep canvassing. Rather than bombarding people with facts and statistics, deep canvassing relies on sharing stories and reflection to help infrequent voters come to their own conclusions about why it is important for them to vote more regularly. Part of the strategy relies on helping voters connect the everyday acts of compassion that they perform for the people they love to the act of voting (because elections often impact our loved ones). 

To do this, we are going to have longer conversations than during normal "political" canvassing. The benefit for all canvassers is the opportunity to develop their skills telling their own stories, building relationships with people that they would otherwise not be able to meet, as well as having the opportunity to increase voter turnout in some of the lowest voting precincts in the county.

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