Two weeks ago, 67 members of the Education Team met to launch a listening campaign with the goal of engaging 1,000 education stakeholders by March 31. The listening campaign will surface top education concerns, help us understand how education has been transformed by COVID, and will identify talented leaders with the appetite to make change in this arena. 

A listening campaign is a series of small group conversations involving 10-15 people within our institutions and surrounding communities that last roughly 60 minutes. The focus for this campaign is to engage education stakeholders like parents, students, teachers, staff. 

All ONE Wake institutions are encouraged to participate. Follow these simple steps to begin this campaign in your community:

  • Create a list of education stakeholders within your institution or community. Be as complete as possible;
  • Invite stakeholders to attend in meetings that you organize at your institution, or to one of three larger sessions organized by ONE Wake;

  • Make sure that you have one facilitator and one note-taker for every group of 10-15 people;

  • Submit notes to [email protected] after your meeting.

For more specific instructions, you can download a facilitators guide here.