Holly Springs residents: don't miss your last chance to support the rezoning of 1317 N Main St for affordable housing! Local affordable housing developer DHIC is seeking the rezoning to allow for the construction of 124 affordable units for senior citizens and families. 

The rezoning request is headed to a second public hearing on Tuesday, April 6. Two weeks ago over 100 Holly Springs residents organized through ONE Wake to deliver emails to Town Council. We have created this petition to remind the Council of the depth and breadth of local support for this project as it heads to the final hearing. 

***If you have already sent an email to Town Council through ONE Wake we will include your name automatically on this petition***

I support the rezoning at 1317 N Main St. I am a ONE Wake member who lives in Holly Springs.

I am asking the Town Council to support this rezoning request because we need more affordable housing in Holly Springs for senior citizens and families.

Please support the rezoning request for 1317 N Main St and help our town meet this important need.

142 signatures so far. Help us get to 150