Hundreds Meet, Rally Support for Upcoming Actions

Spring Action Handout Available Here***

Close to 300 ONE Wake members attended our May 16 Internal Assembly in-person and online, hosted at Baptist Grove Church. 

Led by a talented team of volunteer leaders, our assembly was part celebration, part rallying cry for a series of public actions this spring in support of line-item budget funding to address what we understand to be the top pressures in our community. Leaders also ratified three key proposals to build ONE Wake's power in advance of two important, non-partisan candidate assemblies this fall. 

Pictures on our Facebook here.

Leaders from over 30 ONE Wake institutions pledged to deliver hundreds of members in support of three budget hearing actions over the next four weeks, as well as participation in the Wake Transit Update survey (see list of upcoming budget hearing actions below).

Leaders also ratified three proposals for the summer and fall, including:

1) Launching the 2024 Friends of ONE Wake Individual Donor Campaign on June 22 at Pleasant Grove Church with the goal of raising $40,000 in one-time and recurring donations;

2) Affirming and increasing previous pledges in support of our affordable housing petition drive (goal: 10,000 signatures), and turnout for our fall non-partisan local assembly with candidates for Raleigh City Council and Wake Commissioners (goal:1,000 people);

3) Ratifying a new proposal for a joint non-partisan statewide assembly with candidates for Governor, Attorney General, and Superintendent of Public Instruction in partnership with our sister organizations across the state.

See below for resources from our Internal Assembly to help you organize support for these campaigns within your institution.

Tools and Resources for our Summer and Fall Strategy

Homeownership to Equity Campaign

Over the next four months, our goal is to collect 10,000 petition signatures in support of our Homeownership to Equity Campaign to build at-scale affordable housing across Wake County, in advance of a local candidate assembly on October 10 attended by 1,000 members.

At the beginning of every month, ONE Wake will release updated numbers for petition sign-ups by institution. Please contact ONE Wake organizer Stephon Whitley at [email protected] to deliver any paper petitions at the end of the month so that your numbers can be included in the updated count.

Tools and Resources:

- Online petition available here
- Download English paper petition form here (Spanish language copy available soon)
- Register in advance for the October 10 Candidate Assembly here

Statewide Candidate Assembly

ONE Wake leaders have given preliminary approval to proceed with a strategy for a joint assembly with candidates for statewide office, including Governor, Attorney General, and Superintendent of Public Instruction. Date/Location TBD. Leaders present at last night's assembly made an initial turnout pledge of 412.

Our next step is to organize support for research action teams, who over the summer will shape proposals for statewide candidates that reflect our local interests and agenda.

Tools and Resources:

- Sign up here to serve on a research action team, and/or to get alerts about upcoming statewide planning meetings

Friends of ONE Wake Individual Donor Drive

ONE Wake leaders also ratified the details of the 2024 Friends of ONE Wake individual donor drive, which will kick off on June 22 at Pleasant Grove Church. This year, we are asking all existing individual donors and ONE Wake supporters to join us at "donor organizers" to recruit one new donor each in support of our goal to raise $40,000 in one-time and recurring donations.

We are excited to announce that our parent network Metro IAF is once again matching all new or increased recurring donations - doubling your investment.

Tools and Resources

- Sign up to be a donor organizer here
- Register for the June 22 Friends of ONE Wake kickoff here
- You can make a donation to ONE Wake here