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In the spring of 2023, ONE Wake engaged in a grassroots listening campaign that engaged 2,000 Wake County residents to understand the top pressures facing our families and communities. In June 2023, ONE Wake members gathered in a large internal assembly to vote on a new grassroots agenda with the following priority areas: affordable housing, mental health, public transportation. Since then, over 120 volunteer leaders have shaped those priorities into the following tangible, winnable issue campaigns:

Affordable Housing

Support for Chatham Estates Residents Displaced by New Development (Cary)

Cary Housing Fund (Cary)

Energy Cost Burden (Countywide)

Homeownership to Equity Campaign (Countywide)

Mental Health

Raleigh HEART Pilot Program (Raleigh)

Mental Health First Aid Training (Countywide)

Public Transportation

SmartRide Microtransit Program (Zebulon / Eastern Wake)