Close to 1,000* ONE Wake members and supporters tuned in to our Downtown South press conference yesterday. See below for the full video and links to media coverage. 

Full Video of ONE Wake Press Conference

WRAL: Religious Leaders Say Plans for Affordable Housing in Downtown South Are Not Enough

ABC 11: City Council to Hear from Critics, Proponents ahead of Vote on Raleigh Downtown South Project

Triangle Tribune: Controversy Continues Over Downtown South

News and Observer: Will Downtown South Hasten or Help Raleigh Get Ahead of Gentrification?

Tonight the Raleigh City Council will hold a public hearing on the Downtown South rezoning application. A large number of speakers have lined up to support the development. However, the City's own analysis shows that many of these supporters don't live in Raleigh, while almost all opponents live in the city.

We anticipate that the Council will make a final decision Thursday, although they could potentially take a vote tonight. 

You can watch the public hearing live at 7:00 pm on the Raleigh YouTube here: 

Written public comments can be submitted to [email protected] up and until 1 hour prior to the meeting.

In the meantime, THANK YOU for your support which has allowed ONE Wake to organize consistently and persistently on this issue.

In the last 9 weeks since our public launch on October 13, our organization has helped organize: 
  • two public meetings that have engaged over 600 Wake County residents on Downtown South;
  • two negotiations directly with John Kane;
  • meetings with Mayor Baldwin and the majority of the City Council;
  • over 350 emails to the Raleigh Planning Commission;
  • over 670 emails to the Raleigh City Council from Raleigh residents;
  • more than 250 signatures on a petition to the Wake County Commissioners from Wake County residents outside Raleigh;
  • and close to a dozen stories in the media.
As a result we have helped create a political moment that has allowed our allies, Partners for Environmental Justice, to negotiate strong stormwater protections. John Kane has also offered a deal on affordable housing which is too low, but greater than what was previously on the table (nothing). 

We have also lent political cover to members of the Raleigh Planning Commission, who recently held a unanimous vote against the Downtown South rezoning application. 

As Fr. Taylor was quoted in the Triangle Tribune yesterday: "They are responding,” he said. “It’s something that could have sailed through in October, [but is still] here in December. People are waving their hands and arms, and some people are listening.”

Your support has allowed us to move the needle on this issue and win important community benefits.

Next year we have another bite at the apple. ONE Wake will have the opportunity to shape the proposed tax increment grant which could potentially direct $200 - $300 million toward additional community benefits. 

Again, thank you! A report and next steps from the City Council hearings will follow soon. 

*A typo in a previous message incorrectly listed this number as 10,000. We are glad to report an impressive 1,000 viewers, instead of an impossible 10,000!