297 leaders from over 50 institutions across Wake County gathered to hear the issues shaped by our research action teams and launched a 10,000 voter (!) power strategy to move our local elected officials and win real change this fall. 

To help us build a 10,000 member voting block, every member institution is asked to collect at least 200 pledges from Wake County residents who commit to support our issues and to vote in their next municipal election. We recommend sending at least 10 members of your institution to relational canvassing training to equip them with the tools they need to help your institution meet this goal.  

Below we have the immediate goals and next steps from our meeting, followed by additional resources. 

Immediate Next Steps 

  1. Send 10 members to relational canvassing training to equip them with skills needed to recruit at least 200 pledges from Wake County voters this summer. Registration is available on our website here

  2. Identify at least one outside community suitable for in-person canvassing. You are looking for neighborhoods, programs, ministries, etc., where your institution has existing relationships.

  3. Register for a mid-summer internal assembly Tuesday July 13 at 7:00 pm to coordinate the launch of in-person canvassing.

Additional Resources

Issue Platform and Power Strategy Report

Slide Deck from Annual Meeting

Institutional Commitment Form (please verify that your institutional commitment is on this list)

Answers to Questions / Concerns Raised Last Night

I am concerned about not having enough time to recruit leaders for the canvassing training. Additional training is available on demand for any institution(s) that can deliver at least 10 members. Contact us at info@onewake to schedule a training at your institution. 

Do members have to attend all three relational canvassing trainings? No, members only need to attend ONE of the three trainings. 

How will this actually work? How will we make sure we are coordinated and don’t overlap neighborhoods? Between now and July 13 we will train your members to do phone calls and in-person canvassing internally within your institution. On July 13 we will gather again to coordinate canvassing outside your institution.  

My institution is in Cary or Raleigh, and our local elections are delayed. How do I get voters excited about an election that won’t happen until next March or November? Our strategy isn’t about the elections - it’s about power. Elected decisionmakers won’t commit to our ambitious proposals until they see that we have an organized block of voters large enough to hold them accountable by keeping them in office (or getting them out). 

ONE Wake is planning large, public actions this fall with elected officials in Raleigh and Cary that will give us the opportunity to demonstrate our voting block and fill in the accountability gap left by the delayed elections in both municipalities. This summer we will help voters in Raleigh and Cary understand that we can’t afford to wait until next year’s elections to demonstrate our power and start making change on our most urgent issues.

Questions? Email us at [email protected]