Over 120 leaders from ONE Wake institutions across the county joined a virtual Internal Assembly last Thursday night to discuss an amended organizing strategy to address the COVID-19 crisis in our communities. 


  • ONE Wake must postpone our May 31 Founding Assembly to October (date TBD) due to the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic; 
  • Our amended strategy is to engage in a rapid listening campaign to identify opportunities to act in the short term to support the well being of our communities; 

  • ONE Wake will reconvene during a second internal assembly on April 30 to ratify proposals for action based on the concerns identified during our listening campaign. Our goal is to act quickly. 

Listening Campaign and Timeline 

ONE Wake will respond to the immediate crisis in our communities through a rapid listening campaign that concludes on April 9. The goal of the campaign is to: 

1) understand how our families, congregations, and communities have been impacted by the epidemic and the related economic crisis; 

2) surface specific stories that will help us identify shared concerns and winnable issues: especially “low hanging fruit” that can be addressed quickly through action at the county or municipal levels.  

All ONE Wake leaders are asked to conduct between 3-5 relational phone calls by April 9 to help us complete this campaign (see below for more information).

The ONE Wake Steering Team will shape and vet proposals for action based on the concerns identified through this campaign. All ONE Wake leaders will reconvene during a second Internal Assembly on April 30 to discuss these proposals and move into action. Sign up for April 30 Internal Assembly Here.

In the event that there is a pressing issue that demands immediate attention prior to April 30 the Steering Team will call a snap virtual leaders meeting to propose an action. 

Relational Phone Call Resources

A relational phone call is a one on one conversation over the phone or a video call that will allow us to:

- “Show up” for people during a difficult time;

-  Hear how people are being impacted and listen for ways to act through immediate action or longer term organizing and systems change; 

- Learn the ideas people have and what they are doing to support one another.

We have prepared a sample outline and note form for relational phone calls below.

Download Relational Phone Call Outline and Sample Note Taking Form Here.

Please submit notes from your calls by April 9 following instructions in Note Taking Form above.