Introducing 10,000 STRONG

297 leaders from over 50 institutions across Wake County gathered at ONE Wake's Annual Meeting to hear the issues shaped by our research action teams and to launch a 10,000 voter (!) power strategy to move our local elected officials and win real change this fall. We're calling this strategy 10,000 STRONG. 

Here's how we're going to do it: every ONE Wake member is asked to collect at least 200 pledges from Wake County residents who commit to supporting our grassroots agenda and who also commit to vote in their next municipal election. 

Rev. Mycal X Brickhouse, Pastor of Cary First Christian Church, on ONE Wake's 10,000 Strong power strategy for change in Wake County. From ONE Wake's Annual Meeting on 6/10/21.

Immediate Next Steps 

  1. Send 10 members to relational canvassing training to equip them with skills needed to recruit at least 200 pledges from Wake County voters this summer. Registration is available on our website here

  2. Identify at least one outside community suitable for in-person canvassing. You are looking for neighborhoods, programs, ministries, etc., where your institution has existing relationships.

  3. Register for a mid-summer internal assembly Tuesday July 13 at 7:00 pm to coordinate the launch of in-person canvassing.

Additional Resources

Issue Platform and Power Strategy Report

Slide Deck from Annual Meeting