This fall ONE Wake will engage 3,800 infrequent voters in low voting precincts across Wake County that have been most impacted by increases in housing cost. Our goal is to increase voter turnout in these precincts by at least 5%.

This non-partisan relational GOTV campaign is part of ONE Wake's strategy to leverage the local elections to win commitments from candidates for Raleigh City Council and the Wake County Commissioners to support our grassroots issue agenda: including our campaign to prevent the displacement of long time, low income homeowners in gentrifying neighborhoods.   

Relational GOTV is about QUALITY over QUANTITY. The goal is to use GOTV canvassing to build long-term relationships and power with Wake County residents. All canvassers are required to attend a 60 minute training before their first canvass, and during canvass days will have access to professional tools that will ensure each canvass is efficient and effective.

Please use the calendar below to sign up for relational canvassing training and shifts. We are using this calendar to assess availability first. Later in the summer we will select precincts for different canvass days based on who has registered for each canvass.  

Download relational GOTV canvassing flyer here

Upcoming Training and Canvassing Days