Wake County is facing a deepening housing crisis made significantly more perilous by the COVID-19 epidemic. Residents experiencing homelessness find themselves in even more precarious situations. One in five tenants missed their rent payment in April, suggesting a potential wave of evictions when the courts reopen in June. 

Last night over 150 ONE Wake leaders ratified a proposal developed by the Affordable Housing Team and Steering Team to address this crisis. Leaders from across the county pledged to act immediately to support the allocation of over $7 million in federal funds to two flexible and broadly written emergency housing initiatives:

ONE Wake leaders committed to organize 1,061 public comments to the Wake County Board of Commissioners in support of these initiatives - an INCREDIBLE reaction! 

However, public comments can only be submitted online on Monday, May 4, between 9:00 am and 12:00 noon!

Here’s how you can support ONE Wake’s FIRST public action:

  1. Read the sample letter here;

  2. Go to http://www.wakegov.com/commissioners/Pages/signup.aspx and find the online public comment form (it’s not live yet and won’t be until Monday morning at 9:00 am);

  3. Copy and paste the sample letter into the public comment form, filling in your own personal information; 

  4. Recruit at least 10 members from your congregation and/or community to join you in taking this action. They can access these same resources on the Justice United website here